lonesome roads

On My Own

As I sip my tea in a lovely cafe in Cork City, it suddenly hits me that I am now officially on my solo journey, alone, and by myself. This realization (that I put in the past tense but really happened about 5 minutes ago!) isn’t frightening though. It’s freeing and exhilarating.

Solo female travel long term
The handsomest bean of them all.

I had an incredible visit with my brother and his family this past week in Ireland. It was very comforting to be surrounded by people I love in a country I love in a language that I speak. With two little kids in the house, it was busy for sure but I felt happy and useful and loved.

This morning just before I left, I had my month-old niece on my chest drowsing and my 5 year old nephew snuggled in next to me as we all read a book about helicopters, and it was bliss.

Solo female travel inspiration
Baby snuggles.

But I’ll be back soon, and in the meantime I’m off with total freedom and only a little anxiety. What a great beginning to my journey!

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