lonesome roads

la flâneuse

Paris is the perfect city for long, aimless walks. With its wide boulevards, tree-lined side streets, and the mix of old and new all around, there’s always something to see.

Whether it’s the intense and roiling sky on a drizzly day, a tiny boy in a perfectly fitted blazer on his way home from school, or just one of the many stray cats that roam and its parks, I never get tired of looking around.

Parisians like to look back, too. This is a city of unabashed people-watchers. The seats in the terraces of the cafés all face outward, so you can’t even pretend you’re not watching the parades of everyday people on the street.

And you can’t get too lost in your walking: between the bikes, the aggressive drivers, and all the very avid jaywalkers here, you have to pay attention to something other than your thoughts occasionally. But I’m from Boston, and the driving and all the bold and beautiful pedestrians make me feel right at home.

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